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geometrical pattern for drawing with markers and felt-tip pensWelcome to the drawing room of my art gallery!
My name: Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.
Time of birth and the birthplace:
17.02.1967.  5234'N 10354'E about 7 o'clock in the morning.
e-mail:  panf-sergey@list.ru or panfsergey@gmail.com

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The online art gallery of phantom images.
Drawings with color markers and felt-tip pens.

The drawing room is central page with main information about this Art Gallery.
Navigate to other pages of this online art gallery of phantom images using blue keys.
Turn your attention to the fact that main visual content consists of images gathered in 17 galleries. Nevertheless these phantom images were created as a result of geometrical concepts and marker drawing technique, which are the integral part of these image creation processes.

Each gallery includes 10 art pictures which are shown from face and back sides of a paper sheet. It means that due to used drawing technique the real sheet of paper has images on both sides, that is each art picture is considered as two visual paintings. Namely paper sheets with graphical pictures are bilateral images which are shown in galleries as separate visual figures, that is caused by technique of drawing.
Thus, 10 art pictures and 20 view images are presented in each gallery. Because of failed drawings on back sides of paper sheets some of art pictures are presented only by one image situated on a face side. Namely some pictures are presented in galleries as one figure on a face sheet of paper if inverse image on a back sheet is unsuccessful.
Images in galleries are graphical drawings which are executed with color markers and felt-tip pens on format A4 or 210x297 millimeters of paper sheet of high density. In drawing technique I used nothing but dense paper with different types of paint markers and color felt-tip pens as art tools and materials.
Art methods and principles of the shown phantom images or otherwise to tell graphic technique of drawing consist that main graphic figure is executed on a face side of paper and during the designing process is washing with alcohol. The result is bilateral picture.
Refer to according pages of this website for detail information about drawing execution technique with paint markers and color felt-tip pens, and also for information on designing of bilateral pictures by washing with alcohol.

Phantom images in galleries are represented in their original state without any color correction. The color transfer quality depends on technical characteristics of scanner Epson1250 and is all right. Nevertheless, the image visibility depends on your computer monitor. Namely visual quality of images depends on adjustments of brightness and contrast of your computer monitor, because pictures on screens of concrete personal PC systems or tablet computers can look more brightly or darkly, and can differ from the reality.
File sizes of images are 15 Kb at the average after enlargement. One gallery presents picture fragments of big file sizes about 60 Kb each. You can view big fragments of phantom images in this gallery 0 if it is necessary to see more precisely drawing technique and art effects arising at use of color felt-tip pens and paint markers for art designing of graphic pictures on a paper.

Geometry of phantom images bases on using of stencil lines for drawing in strict geometrical order. Namely geometrical art concepts of the shown phantom images are based on application of original linear patterns as model templates which are put on a paper in strict mathematical order.
Crossings of lines in patterns can be considered as phantom networks or geometrical matrixes in which space our eyesight has mental images and phantoms of imagination, that forms visual pictures or art compositions of various shapes and figures commensurable with proportions of human bodies, or outlines of other alive creatures, or contours of fantastic essences.
Refer to according pages of this website for detail information about geometrical concepts of phantom images and linear patterns for marker and fibre-tip or felt-tip pen principles of fine art drawing or painting. And also look commenting texts which accompany with phantom images in 17 galleries.
In particular look following themes.
1 - geometrical figures in the fine arts.
2 - demonstration of volumetric three-dimensional images.
3 - visual images in a crystal sphere and three-dimensional cube.
4 - phantom polygons of art compositions.
5 - pictures of Buddhist mandalas and sacral geometry of the world.
6 - images and matrixes of human imagination.
7 - geometrical patterns and ornaments in a retina of eyes.
8 - phantom images and geometry of nerve cells.
9 - esoteric symbols of astrology and numerology.
10 - symbolical figures of bodies and metaphysical phenomena.
11 - compositions of figures and laws of gematria in kabbalah.
12 - images of gods and phantoms of human consciousness.
13 - information in memory of optical computer systems.
14 - geometrical ideas of computer games and puzzles.
15 - geometrical codes and linear ciphers.
16 - sketches of drawings and patterns for graphic design.
0 - optical devices for visual effects.
Each theme is many-sided and is considered from the different points of view, and in particular commenting texts in galleries describe phantoms of the shown graphic drawings as prototypes of laser devices and light beam projectors for visual illusions in show business. Or images of a crystal sphere in digital processors and memory chips of optical computer technique. Or as pictures of unusual perspectives of space in the fine arts and painting. Or as linear membranes of perceived limits of a visible reality. Or as geometrical matrixes of human bodies and metaphysical essences which form bodily shapes of other alive creatures.
And also in commenting texts of seventeen galleries it is possible to find the information about many other aspects of geometry in the fine arts and design, or in technical and philosophical spheres of a human life.

Also pages of this website within the online art gallery of phantom images represent sections.
Garden of stones is the description of geometrical concepts of the Japanese rock garden, and also principles of harmonious arrangements of world objects. Namely this section shows charts and drawings which allow to arrange stones and to create Japanese gardens correctly according to crossings of lines in geometrical space of correct polygons.
Namely this section of the online art gallery of phantom images proves geometrical laws according to which stones in Japanese rock gardens or other landscapes can have harmonious and proportional locations.
These data materials can be interesting to landscape design and gardening art.
Proportions of bodies is the part which researches linear geometrical networks of correct polygons and mathematical measurements of gold section which determines ratio of formal parameters and sizes of human bodies with measures of world space, and including with sizes of Egyptian pyramids in which basis it is possible to see proportions of human bodily shapes.
Geometrical codes are collection of logic word puzzles with letters or cryptograms and encryptions of alphabetic characters or linguistic riddles in which basis the similar idea of linear images and spatial figures is incorporated.
Puzzles are constructed according to laws of geometrical linguistics, namely linear crossings or phantom nets or spatial ratios of lines are compared to letters of alphabet and graphical figures of enciphered words, or visual symbols and signs which can be perceived as sacral or esoteric codes of human speech.
According to figures of geometrical codes it is possible to draw graphical images of human names and to analyze psychological characteristics of people.
Graphical figures are too collection or gallery of pictures which are constructed according to laws of geometrical linguistics, and which are visual images or otherwise alphabetic codes of words or human names and commercial denominations according to which it is possible to analyze psychological characteristics of people and influence of commercial brands and trade marks on consciousness of potential buyers of industrial goods.
Trade marks of automobile companies and nominal designations of motor cars, or brands of computer corporations and models of mobile phones are shown as examples.
Linear configurations of letters in alphabetic codes are compared to geometrical polygons which correspond to numbers in numerology and signs of zodiac in astrology.
The catalogue of references is intended for travel on other online resources and art galleries of the Internet, and for link exchange by banners.
In header page it is possible to switch on Russian language.


Drawings or otherwise to tell phantom images in this online art gallery are products of the real fine arts, namely are drawn on real sheets of a paper with sets of multi-colored felt-tip pens and various types of color markers. But geometrical principles and art concepts of the shown drawings can be considered as prototypes or template patterns for creation of multimedia images and virtual pictures of computer design and graphics, or as samples of graphic tools in computer software programs for work with screen images and editing of digital photos.
Namely the shown phantom images do not grow out virtual editing and design of art images by means of digital tools in graphic software programs of PC systems, but equivalent geometrical pictures can be formed in computer applications for visual work with digital photos and graphic files on screens of desktop personal computers and portable laptop notebooks, or on touch displays of cell phones and mobile iPad tablets.
And also the shown phantom images can be considered as prototypes of multimedia technologies for drawing of visual electronic pictures in packages of software computer programs for WEB design in the Internet.

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