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Geometrical linguistics of names.
Graphical figures and codes of trade marks.

Nine pages in this section of website in online gallery of phantom images result additional information on graphical drawings of words in a context of geometrical linguistics. Namely information about rules and principles according to which letters or characters of alphabet on sides of geometrical figures and also spatial configurations of lines form linguistic codes, or otherwise to tell encryptions and cryptograms which can be considered as graphical images or visual symbols of words.
As examples nine pages show graphical pictures which are geometrical images of trade marks and commercial names, that can be interesting to designers and presidents of industrial enterprises, and also business men and merchants who project technical models of motor cars or TV sets, recipes of cosmetic preparations or food stuffs, new types of computer devices or mobile phones, or other samples of home appliances and consumer goods for which beautiful names and denominations are necessary. As names of trade marks are attractive if form beautiful and harmonious graphical figures or if are commensurable with configurations of lines in geometrical images of names of great mass of potential buyers.
Namely graphical figures of trade denominations can be symmetric or asymmetric, and also can look like complex linear crossings, that is possible to consider as geometrical parameters which influence human perception alongside with phonetic values of alphabetic symbols and acoustic soundings of words.


First page shows images of linguistic codes or otherwise to tell geometrical drawings of names of well-known literary fictional characters and famous authors of popular books.
In particular series of childish kid books about magician Harry Potter and spy novels or espionage stories about the intelligence officer or secret agent 007 James Bonde.
Second page displays images which show graphical figures in geometrical codes of commercial names of automobile concerns and companies.
The information can be interesting to experts in marketing and designers who think out names of new trade marks for models of cars.
Third page shows variants of graphical figures which form geometrical codes of words in space of quadrangle. And also alphabetic codes of commercial trade marks which are combinations of nominal designations of various models of motor-car machines with names of automobile concerns.
The information can be interesting to marketing designers and presidents of automobile companies, and also clients of motor shows and motorists who choose technical model and plan to buy personal car.
Fourth page describes astrological characteristics of graphical figures in linguistic codes of names and trade marks according to ratio of geometrical polygons with zodiacal signs in astrology. And also vehicle types of cars are compared to numerical values of zodiacal circle and numerology of polygons.
Fifth page speaks about psychological influence of graphical figures in linguistic codes of commercial names of motor car companies and models of automobiles on mental perception of people, whose birth dates correspond to different signs of zodiac in a context of astrology.
Sixth page shows alphabetic linguistic codes according to which it is possible to see geometrical ratios of commercial names or trade marks of car companies with nominal designations of automobile models.
Seventh page shows many-valued or polysemantic names which correspond to technical modifications and nominal brands, and also classes and types of motor cars and automotive transport, that forms complex graphical figures and linear configurations of alphabetic codes in a context of geometrical linguistics.
Eighth page shows information on mental perception of commercial names in a context of different languages and according to letters of various alphabets or hieroglyphs of writing systems. And also words which can be read along circuits of alphabetic codes in trade marks or brand names of automobile companies and models of motor vehicles.
Ninth page shows harmonious and disharmonious combinations of trade marks and market brands of industrial corporations to commercial names of industrial goods, and also alphabetic codes which are correct and wrong from the view point of rules and laws of geometrical linguistics.


Look the basic statute of rules and principles of geometrical linguistics on pages of this website in section which has the name geometrical codes and puzzles.
And in particular look rules according to which letters of alphabet correspond with three sides of linguistic triangle or otherwise to tell alphabetic characters are points on sides of triangular matrix of human languages, and lines between letters or alphabetic signs designate sequences of phonemes or acoustic sounds in words or names of people.
Or look rules according to which letters in linguistic codes of words and names are key points of geometrical labyrinths, and lines designate ways according to which it is possible to search for sequences of alphabetic characters and to read words.

The information about linguistic codes of words is open and free-of-charge, but you should pay if rules and principles of geometrical linguistics have helped to find beautiful names of industrial products and trade marks of commercial articles. And also if understanding of geometrical laws in linguistics has allowed to do correct choices at purchase of a car or new model of a mobile phone, or other consumer goods which are designated by popular trade marks and commercial names of well-known firms.
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