art idea of drawings

central ideas of drawings on a paper


Gallery 16.
Marker drawings on a paper.

Art drawings in gallery are original graphic pictures on a paper, namely are drawn by real multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers on sheets of a paper.
Geometrical templates of the shown pictures can be considered as visual patterns in a palette of computer tools of various software graphic editors for WEB design and creation of websites in a WorldNet, or otherwise to tell in a global web of the Internet.

150.   art sketches for glazed tiles       geometrical ideas for wall panels

151.   art sketches of garden lattice panels       images for forged iron gates

152.   geometrical templates for WEB design       geometrical templates of computer tools

153.   design for garden and park landscapes        patterns for websites in the Internet

154.   art drawings for WEB designing       software patterns for computer programs

155.   geometrical patterns for designs of cars       art designing of aerodynamic shapes

156.   patterns for designs of aircraft aviation       computer templates and WEB design

157.   sport motorcycles and tour bicycles        drawings for stained glass panels

158.   idea ofinteriors for computer designers       images for companies of cell phones

159.   images for cell service providers       online business and internet marketing

Geometrical ideas and images in gallery can be considered as art sketches of images on glazed tiles or on decorative wooden wall panels of various materials for interior design, or as art sketches of garden lattice panels and steel grating products for design of metallic fences, or forged iron gates and aluminum fencing. As geometrical ideas of architectural projects and building plans, and including architectural design of garden and park landscapes. As geometrical patterns for designs of sport cars and motorcycles, or tour bicycles and aircraft aviation, namely for designing of aerodynamic shapes of automobile and aircraft models, and in particular for industrial designers and car engineers. As art drawings for stained glass panels and various images on windows in interiors of night clubs and restaurants. As visual information of network online business in office interiors for companies of mobile service providers and manufacturers of cell phones. As logo design in office interiors of computer corporations which develop software for WEB design, or personal computers and cell phones, or tablet computers and mobile phones, or for online business and WEB marketing on the Internet.
The gallery results texts which can interest industrial engineers and interior designers, as various products of designing can be calculated according to lines and proportions of geometrical figures which form art idea of the shown drawings.