geometrical pictures

central information about geometrical art


Gallery 11.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Drawings in gallery are geometrical art compositions which are drawn with different felt-tip pens and markers. Namely different types of color felt-tip pens and markers are an art material in geometrical compositions of images in gallery, but similar or otherwise to tell equivalent geometrical pictures it is possible to form in computer programs of virtual graphic arts and editing of digital images.

Drawing 100.   geometrical art compositions       drawing of art compositions

Drawing 101.   different types of virtual arts       different types of drawings

Drawing 102.   art material of digital images       geometrical digital images

Drawing 103.   geometrical compositions in gallery       pictures in computer programs

Drawing 104.   editing of digital images       art types of color pens

Drawing 105.   graphic art works in gallery       figurative geometry or gematria

Drawing 106.   philosophical gematria of letters

Drawing 107.   numerical signs in Jewish mysticism       gematria of Jewish mysticism

Drawing 108.   mystical doctrine of kabbalah       kabbalah with phantom images

Drawing 109.   philosophical doctrine of drawings       calendar of Maya civilization

In total geometrical compositions and pictures of graphic art works in gallery are equivalent to figurative geometry or otherwise to tell philosophical gematria of letters and numerical signs in Jewish mysticism and mystical doctrine of kabbalah, or are equivalent to gematria of the modern Russian alphabet which forms universal phonetic system of 33 alphabetic signs comparable to metaphysical phenomena in Vedic mythology and an ancient calendar of Maya civilization. And also geometrical images of the shown art works are comparable with mystical gematria of letters in different alphabets which in aggregate personify different metaphysical phenomena of the world.
The gallery gives texts which describe proportions of mystical concepts or philosophical doctrine of letters and words in kabbalah with phantom images in the shown art drawings.


gallery 12 of graphic art works