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geometrical proportions of bodies

pattern stencils of ideal proportions
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proportional sizes of golden section
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pattern models of human bodies
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geometrical polygons of numerology
planetary configurations in horoscopes

Geometrical proportions of bodies.
Figures of polygons and somatic shapes.

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On nine pages of this section in the online art gallery of phantom images look descriptions about geometrical principles of golden section and divine proportions according to which shapes of a human body are created. Sizes of somatic shapes correspond with geometrical forms of correct polygons which are put in the basis of great Egyptian pyramids, and also correspond to configurations of planets in solar system and natal charts or birth maps of people.


The first page shows pattern stencils of ideal proportions of a human body in space of the heptagonal geometrical figure, and also the ancient Greek canon of somatic shapes, and also proportional ratio of male and female bodies.
The shown pattern stencils or models of ideal body proportions can be applied to drawing and painting in the fine arts and graphical design. Namely patterns of proportional ideals of male and female bodies within the geometrical figure of heptagon can be considered as the art canon of ideal shapes.
The second page speaks about the sizes of Egyptian pyramids and in particular about ratios of somatic proportions with measurements of great pyramid of Cheops or Khufu in space of the linear network of diheptagonal geometrical figure.
The third page shows measuring tools which are constructed in lines of diheptagonal geometrical figure which can be applying for measurements of proportional sizes of golden section, and also for calculations of ideal proportions and shapes of human bodies, or for planning visual and architectural compositions in the fine arts and design.
Or in the fashion industry for creation of design projects of fashionable clothes.
The fourth page speaks about logic puzzles which are constructed according to crossings of lines in geometrical figures of polygons, and also about application of geometry in images of fine arts. Namely about abstract art compositions and drawings of a human body in space of linear crossings of geometrical figures.


The fifth page shows various spatial positions of ideal pattern stencils or models of human bodies in heptagonal linear networks.
The shown models allow to calculate and draw correct proportions of somatic shapes in the event that bodies of people have complex geometrical positions and perspectives in space, that can be essential in art pictures and graphic drawings.
The sixth page speaks about geometrical transformations of ideal pattern models of human bodies according to individual proportions of people, and also about ratios of individual figures of body builds with psychological types of personalities in a context of Jungian analytical psychology and Brigs-Majers' type indicator.
The seventh page describes ratios of individual proportions and geometrical parameters of human bodies with positions of planets in zodiac signs, and also with cardinal points of astrological circle and four elements in horoscopes or birth maps of people.
The eighth page shows proportional ratios of human bodies in space of linear networks of various geometrical polygons which are derivatives of different numbers in numerology, and also ratios of polygonal geometrical figures with configurations of planets in horoscopes and birth maps of people in a context of astrology.
The ninth page shows complex ratios of geometrical polygons with shapes and proportions of human bodies, and also planetary configurations in horoscopes and birth maps of people in space of astrological circle.


The information on proportions of human somatic shapes and principles of geometrical divine harmony can be actual from the view point of training education or improvement of professional skill for cosmeticians and stylists, fashion designers and makeup artists, plastic surgeons and masseurs, dieticians and fitness advisers, trainers on shaping and aerobics, and also other experts in the field of physical culture of a body.

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