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The real sizes of drawings in galleries correspond to A4 format of paper sheets, namely pictures are not computer art but all figures are executed on a paper with diverse felt-tip pens and markers by means of original methods of drawing.


In galleries there are texts about philosophical and art concepts of the neo-suprematiism which is a theme of the shown graphic drawings, and also is derivative art from suprematic black squares in Malevich's pictures.
About optical visual effects and illusions in laser performances which can be created by producers of show business according to geometrical ideas of the shown art pictures.
About three-dimensional 3D images in a volumetric cube of hypothetical laser devices and projectors which differ from video technologies of 3D TVs and cinemas, but can be organized according to geometrical images of the shown pictures.
About geometrical images of a crystal sphere in which it is possible to see the past or future time, and also about phantom networks of geometrical lines according to which figures of human bodies are formed.
About unusual geometrical perspectives of art space in the fine arts.
About philosophical and conceptual differences of the shown pictures from images which can be seen in Tibetan or Hindu mandalas.
About metaphysical bodies of people and angels behind a border of the visible world within the phantom network which is symbolized with geometrical crossings of lines in the shown pictures.
About phantoms of consciousness and imagination which is equivalent to geometry of the shown pictures, and also is equivalent to a retina of eyes and neural networks of a visual zone in a human brain where the visible world is displayed and there are phantoms of imagination, and also there are dreams and fantastic illusions.
About geometry of photosensitive receptors in a retina of human eyes and in neural networks of a brain where there are displays of the visible world and pictures of the visual fine arts are formed.
About geometrical crossings of lines and esoteric images in astrology and numerology.
About geometrical images of a magnetic field of the Earth and reference points of heavenly sphere.
About geometrical figures on maps of the star sky and symbols of space systems.
About geometry of seven days of week in the magic star, and also about geodetic measurements of the Earth and geometry of numerical signs on time in ancient calendars.
About philosophical gematria of numerical signs and letters in alphabets which personify metaphysical phenomena of the world and are comparable to geometrical images of the shown pictures.
About spatial forms and phantom images of metaphysical bodies, and also about geometrical sizes and physical resonances which are necessary for overcoming gravitation of the Earth and border of a physical matter.
About elementals which personify geometrical figures of molecules and crystals of a physical and metaphysical matter.

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