methods of drawings

graphic images of markers


Gallery 8.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Virtual methods and digital potentials of functioning with works of art in computer programs for processing graphic images or photos were not applied, but drawings in gallery are represented with paints of multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers on a real paper.
Drawings s existing on a face sheet of paper are shown at the left, and on the right there are drawings which have arisen on a back as a result of penetration of paints of felt-tip pens and markers into a paper, and also as a result of washing by alcohol.

Drawing 70.   digital potentials of drawing       gallery of digital potentials

Drawing 71.   works of art in computer       functioning art in computer programs

Drawing 72.   paints of multi-colored felt-tip pens       paints of markers into a paper

Drawing 73.   penetration of paints into a paper

Drawing 74.   gallery of geometrical symbols       geometrical symbols and images

Drawing 75.   symbols of the visual fine arts       images in the visual fine arts

Drawing 76.   pictures of the visual arts

Drawing 77.   geometry of photosensitive receptors       receptors in a retina of human eyes

Drawing 78.   photosensitive neural networks of a brain       geometry of photosensitive receptors in a brain

Drawing 79.   visible images of imagination       displays of neural networks of a brain

Drawings in gallery are equivalent to geometrical symbols and images in different pictures of the visual fine arts, and also equivalent to geometry of photosensitive receptors in a retina of human eyes or in neural networks of a brain where displays of the visible world and images of imagination are formed.
As drawings in gallery symbolize geometrical phantoms of visions and images in a retina of human eyes and neural networks of a brain that defines different vision of the world and different sights of artists at philosophical concepts of the fine arts.
The gallery results texts comparing shown drawings with different schools of pictures in the fine arts.


gallery 9 of visual fine arts