View zone of big fragments.
Gallery of graphic drawings.

Click left icons to open drawing fragments in this view zone.

Images of this gallery have the high resolution and allow to see some most indicative colorful effects made by felt-tip pens and markers.
The sizes of drawing fragments on a computer screen correspond with the real sizes at the resolution 800х600 of 17" computer monitor, namely 16х16 centimeters, but it is possible to increase scale of images.
Light exposure of images corresponds to the validity at low brightness and contrast of a monitor, but details and colorful effects are visible better at strong illumination for what brightness and contrast of your computer monitor can be increased. But it is necessary to consider that at strong increase in brightness and contrast of a screen there is an effect as if beams of the sun or light get through the image, as though the observer sees graphic drawings on a paper through which beams of the sun or radiation of other light sources appear through.


Besides this gallery results information on possible analogies of the shown graphic drawings with beams of lasers in optical effects and illusions of musical shows.

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