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idea of geometrical linguistics Geometrical codes of linguistics.
Word puzzles with letters.

Geometrical idea on pages of this website is very diverse, as not only visual patterns and artistic images can exist in spatial crossings of lines, but words can be ciphered, which can be solved as logic puzzles or otherwise to tell intellectual geometrical codes of human speech and writing.

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Idea of geometrical linguistics.
Space of human speech words.

Crossings of lines within the geometrical figures form diverse linear patterns or otherwise to tell phantom networks which are similar to string crossings of invisible textile fabric or a hidden web which forms an essence of world space and is a geometrical basis of visible reality.
Lines of phantom networks can be correlated to various symbols or signs which designate every possible philosophical meanings and concepts, and as a result it is possible to consider linear patterns in space of geometrical figures as images of logic ratios and interrelations which exist in consciousness of people and form schemes of human thinking. In particular as values it is possible to take letters or alphabetic signs according to which in space of phantom networks it is possible to see intelligent contents or a reasonable code, namely it is possible to perceive ratios of lines with letters of alphabet as graphic symbols of geometrical writing which designates visual semantic images by means of linear figures.
It is possible to speak that ratios of lines with letters of alphabet form "geometrical fabric of language" or "textile matter of human speech words" in space of phantom networks. In essence phantom networks are linear geometrical matrixes in which it is possible to read graphic images or otherwise to tell codes of words if lines are compared to letters, that is shown in the picture.

geometrical fabric of language or textile matter of human speech words

Japanese puzzles and scan-words can be with linguistic geo codes

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The shown picture is a linear phantom network or geometrical matrix of 26 letters of the English alphabet in space of a circle. According to lines of the shown figure it is possible to read words and phrases which are not only objects of human speech, but form spatial configurations and possess geometrical parameters.
The shown figure is unique or single matrix of the English alphabet and consequently in some cases is insufficient for formation of words, as triple set of alphabetic letters is necessary that any words could be presented in a geometrical view, that is shown in following picture.
Triple complete set of letters is caused by association of linguistic laws with rules of geometry, as in language there are numerous recurrences of letters, and also in a context of geometry there are three measurements of space. It is possible to tell that for observance of language laws in geometrical space it is necessary that each letter had three spatial coordinates, that corresponds to three sides of a triangle or otherwise to tell linguistic triangle which can be considered as a basic figure of geometrical linguistics.
It is necessary to have triple quantity of letters of the used alphabet to present any statement of human speech in a geometrical view.
Pictures and images on this page, and also on other pages of this website section can have following names.
Spatial codes or linguistic ciphers.
Geometrical pictograms or geo-grams.
Linear messages or spatial images of words.
Linear texts or line-word labyrinths.
Covert notes or clandestine recordings.
Philological conundrums or enigmas.
Language drawings or cross-letter designs.
Alphabetic mosaics or secret scripts and etc, and in a general sense it is logic puzzles or intellectual riddles in which codes of geometrical writing are incorporated.


If human speech is presented in a geometrical view then words submit not only to laws of linguistics, but also rules of geometry, and consequently disposition of alphabetic characters has the triangular shape.
To characters there correspond 26 points on three sides or verges of linguistic triangle, namely in total triangular geometrical figure includes triple quantity of letters of the English alphabet.
The sequence of letters differs from the alphabetic order as criterion for arrangements or dispositions of characters on sides of linguistic triangle is frequency of using in the English language. Namely most often used letters are located at middles of sides, and less used letters are near to corners of the triangle.
Punctuation marks are absent, as they do not belong to the alphabet, and also they are not necessary for understanding of words which form phrases in a context of geometrical linguistics. It is possible to tell that absence of punctuation marks is natural feature, according to which sequences of words in a context of geometrical linguistics form intellectual codes or logic puzzles.
Beginnings of phrases or otherwise to tell capital letters of statements and sentences are noted by a special symbol.
It is necessary to follow from the initial letter along lines and to find sequence of alphabetic characters to solve a code or puzzle, namely it is necessary to read words which are enciphered by means of lines.
Intervals between words are absent, namely first and last letters of verbal constructions or linguistic building blocks are necessary for guessing.
Each code represents one statement or otherwise to tell one finished phrase or sentence. Ending of a statement is not designated specially.
Movement along lines between letters realizes mainly counter-clockwise, but can change directions.

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.

intellectual conundrums and logic riddles or enigmas for magazines

secret scripts of human speech or crossword puzzles for newspapers

Geometrical figure of the linguistic triangle can be transformed and presented as a circle which consists of three segments or sectors which correspond to triple number of letters of the English alphabet, that is shown by following picture.
The circle is harmonious shape for human consciousness, and also circular figure provides optimal visual perception of crossed lines in images of geometrical codes. As eyesight is capable to distinguish scanty number of visual information.
And also eyesight is capable to see reasonable quantity of letters, and consequently it is possible to remove alphabetic signs which are not involved in words of a geometrical code. Namely excessive characters can be removed, and necessary letters can be located in regular intervals along circular contour, as following picture or layout shows.
Geometrical codes as a result of such transformation are released from excessive visual information and become optimal for perception by eyesight, but linguistic algorithms have not changes. Namely positions of lines in space become other but dispositions of letters do not break design of phrases or sentences, or otherwise to tell the linear scheme of ciphered words remains without changes.
Detailed rules and principles for construction of linguistic puzzles or otherwise to tell drawing algorithms for images of geo codes, and also laws of geometrical linguistics are formulated on following pages in this section of website.

In total symbolical geometry of word puzzles with letters in linear spatial connections of alphabetic characters can have different forms as geometrical figures can be different, but in any case it is necessary to observe basic algorithms and orders according to which codes of verbal building blocks in a context of geometrical linguistics can be constructed.

Following page shows word puzzles with letters or geometrical codes which are possible to solve, as answers are not specified directly. The shown codes are normal logic riddles or intellectual labyrinths of word puzzles which are intended for entertaining pastime.
Also on the following page it is possible to find descriptions on laws and rules of geometrical linguistics.


And also on nine pages of this section look information about lines of linguistic labyrinths and codes of lexical riddles, computer cryptographic software and geometry of human speech, graphical ciphers and meanings of words, gallery of visual figurative pictures and numerology of alphabetic characters, encryptions and linear images of names.

The shown codes or otherwise to tell secret scripts of human speech can be equivalent to crossword puzzles in newspapers and magazines, and also in popular scientific periodicals journals which publish intellectual conundrums and logic riddles or enigmas. And including the shown linear pictograms can be interesting for special newspapers and magazines which are focused directly on publication of crossword puzzles and logic riddles. In particular Japanese puzzles of sudoku and scan-words can be with the shown linguistic geo codes which can be named as "line-words" or "language drawings".
Geometrical images of the shown line-words or otherwise to tell linear crossword puzzles can encipher various aphorisms and popular sentences, or other contents which correspond to themes of various newspapers and magazines or journals.