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Word puzzles in linguistic triangles of alphabets.
At the left see images of linguistic codes which are geometrical puzzles for decoding.
Answers look in the end of page.
On the right see information about orders of graphical characters or letters in the linguistic triangle of alphabet, and also rules of geometrical linguistics or instructions according to which word puzzles can be deciphered.
Instructions can be interesting to computer programmers who are engaged in computer cryptographic software.


Tops of linguistic triangle are shown by big points which divide the circle into three segments.

encrypting letters of word puzzles and codes as schemes of thinking

Images of geometrical codes from 9th to 17th are constructed according to alphabetic sequence of letters on sides of linguistic triangle, and encryptions on previous pages according to the order which corresponds with frequency of using in words of English language.
Look information on frequency of letters of the English alphabet in words on pages of other website www.wordgame.64g.ru where playing cards with alphabetic symbols for word forming board games and conundrums are described.

7. Puzzle of encoding words of human speech or labyrinth of language.

acoustic coordinates of sounds in spatial geometrical matrix of language

8. Encoding logic puzzle or cryptogram of secret writing.

algorithms for digital geometrical ciphers in computer cryptographic software

Answers of conundrums.
7. Psalm 84.1 New International Version.
8. Psalm 124.8 English Standard Version.

Texts of the Bible can be found: www.bibles.net.

Codes of geometrical linguistics.
Orders of letters in alphabet.

Positions of alphabetic characters on sides of linguistic triangle can be different. The arrangement according to frequency of using in language is optimum as most often letters are in middles of sides, and as a result linear figures in geometrical space concentrate in central zone of triangle, that provides optimum visual perception of word codes and puzzles.
But if linguistic triangle of alphabet is presented in the form of three segments of a circle then positions of letters have no basic value, because any configurations of lines will be distributed in regular intervals and will be comfortable for visual perception by eyesight within circular space.
If linguistic triangle looks like a circle then it is possible to apply the alphabetic order of letters to construction of geometrical codes and puzzles, that is organic for logics of human consciousness as people remember alphabets since a childhood. Namely the order of alphabetic characters is generated in memory and as a result human minds perceive encrypting letters of word puzzles and codes as figures which are commensurable or congruous with schemes of thinking.
Geometrical puzzles from 1st to 8th on previous pages in this section of gallery of phantom images are constructed according to frequency of letters in language, and encoding pictures from 9th to 17th on this and following pages according to alphabetic order.
Excessive letters in pictures are removed, and necessary alphabetic signs are located along circles on equal removal from each other.
During equal distribution of alphabetic characters along a circle it is necessary to observe the rule according to which each following letter of encoding words has position on other side of linguistic triangle or in other segment of a circle if triangular shapes look like a circle, as it is the key and basic principle of geometrical linguistics.
Except for alphabetic order of letters in images of geometrical codes and puzzles it is possible to apply sequences which are connected with phonetic values, as signs and characters of alphabet are symbols which designate sounds of human speech.
If sounds of speech can be measured then phonemes of language have acoustic coordinates which can be used for arrangements of letters on sides of linguistic triangle in a context of geometrical linguistics. Namely positions of letters in geometrical space of the linguistic triangle can be connected with phonetic or otherwise tell with physical acoustic parameters of sounds.
If sounds of human languages have physical values then it is possible to speak that letters have spatial acoustic coordinates.
Let's admit, the order of letters can correspond to parameters of human speech articulation, namely positions of alphabetic characters can be coordinated with labial-lingual and occlusive-constrictive measurements, and other phonological attributes of phonemes, as shown on the chart.

parameters of articulation and phonological attributes of phonemes on the chart

Letters of correlating phonemes on the chart are located symmetrically concerning the center, and also concerning axes of vertical and horizontal symmetry. Otherwise it is possible to tell that geometrical coordination is calculated for letters which have correlating manners of articulation.
This probable order can be other, namely it is possible to change and calculate different positions of alphabetic signs according to acoustic coordinates of sounds in a spatial geometrical matrix of language.
Or orders of letters on sides of linguistic triangle in a context of geometrical linguistics can be read according to the chain of alphabet, but by means of mathematical algorithms. For example as shown on the following chart.

chain of alphabet by means of mathematical algorithms

In essence very diverse arrangements of letters on sides of linguistic triangle can be constructed according to various mathematical sequences of numbers, or according to different ratios of acoustic parameters and attributes of articulation in space of a geometrical matrix of human speech. But different arrangements of letters form different linear configurations at construction of geometrical codes and puzzles, that has essential value as true orders of alphabetic characters in a context of geometrical linguistics should correspond not only physical, but also to metaphysical parameters of language and sacral geometry of world space.
Therefore exact measurements of acoustic parameters and reasonable arithmetic algorithms are necessary, or it is necessary to observe the alphabetic order which is organic for human consciousness and corresponds to sacral geometry of Universe.

Following page as well shows images of geometrical encryptions which can be considered as cognitive intellectual conundrums or crossword puzzles in popular magazines.
And also on following page see descriptions of laws and rules of geometry and linguistics of human speech in word puzzles with alphabetic characters.


Also on following pages look information about spatial configurations of alphabets and linguistic lines of labyrinths, algorithms of enciphering and encoding, beauty of phrases and cryptography or word symbols, linear ratios of letters in titles of geodesic locations and territories, images of names and numerology.

The shown linguistic triangles of alphabet, and differently to tell cipher texts or cryptograms of letters can be considered as enciphering keys for encryptions or encoding information on the Internet, namely as prototypes of algorithms for digital geometrical ciphers in computer cryptographic software which protect messages of e-mail or secret transfers of other confidential information, and in particular digital signatures and authentication codes in electronic commerce.
And also linguistic triangle of alphabets can be interesting in many other spheres of human life and communication spaces where cryptograms and encryption of languages are necessary.