art manners of drawing

information about color paint markers


Gallery 9.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Any computer facilities or techniques for organization and formation of images by means of graphic programs of digital computer arts in the shown drawings were not applied, but sets of real color paint markers and felt pens are used for formation of images in gallery.
Each drawing of gallery exists on a face sheet of a real paper, and also has display on a back of sheet, that grows out alcohol washing of paints and art manners of drawing with color felt pens and paint markers.

Drawing 80.   computer facilities of drawing       marker computer techniques

Drawing 81.   formation of digital computer arts       images of graphic computer arts

Drawing 82.   sets of color paint markers       color paint felt pens

Drawing 83.   formation of images in gallery       alcohol art washing of paints

Drawing 84.   paints and art manners of drawing

Drawing 85.   symbols and figures of bodies        paints in figures of bodies

Drawing 86.   graphic esoteric images       paints in drawings of esoteric images

Drawing 87.   signs in astrology and numerology       images of signs in astrology

Drawing 88.   crossings of lines in magic square       formal-symbolical model of arts

Drawing 89.   drawing of astrological circle       various esoteric images of bodies

Geometrical symbols and figures of bodies in the shown graphic drawings it is possible to perceive as esoteric images which correspond with various symbols or signs in astrology and numerology, as squares of the shown drawings and geometrical crossings of lines can be compared to the magic square of 9 numbers in classical numerology, or magic squares of 25 runic alphabet signs in Futhark or letters of other alphabets, or to the magic square and lines of 36 heavenly heavenly Decans on the star sky, or with crossings of lines in the magic square of 64 hexagrams in the canon of changes i-jing and 64 triplets of DNA in the genetic code. And circles within the limits of squares can be compared to astrological circle of signs on the zodiac and planets in formal-symbolical model of solar system.
The gallery results texts which explain ratio of figures and symbols in the shown drawings with various esoteric images.


gallery 10 of esoteric images