art prototypes for design

information on computer graphics


Gallery 6.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Paints of different type markers and felt-tip pens are combined differently that forms various colorful effects of the shown drawings in gallery.
Drawings in gallery can be considered as art prototypes for creation of images in computer graphics and design or as samples of graphic tools in computer programs for creation of images, but actually drawings are represented on a paper by sets of multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers of different types.

Drawing 50.   paints of different markers       drawing with different felt-tip pens

Drawing 51.   type markers and felt-tip pens       various colorful effects

Drawing 52.   colorful effects in gallery

Drawing 53.   colorful effects of drawings       art prototypes for computer graphics

Drawing 54.   art prototypes for graphics and design       samples of graphic tools in computer programs

Drawing 55.   graphic tools in programs for images       colorful markers in computer programs

Drawing 56.   graphic art of Bardo Thodol       art concepts of Lamaism

Drawing 57.   drawings in gallery of Bardo Thodol       images of deities in Bardo Thodol

Drawing 58.   mandala of the Tibetan Buddhism       deities of the Ancient Greece

Drawing 59.   metaphysical bodies of people and angels       people and angels within the phantom network

Images of the shown graphic art drawings in gallery are comparable to deities of Bardo Thodol in the Tibetan Book of Dead or the Book of Great Liberation and in esoteric mandala of the Tibetan Buddhism or Lamaism, or with mythological deities of the Ancient Greece or Vedic mythology, and also comparable to metaphysical bodies of people and angels beyond the bounds of the visible world within the phantom network which is symbolized with geometrical crossings of lines in the shown drawings.
The gallery results texts describing differences of philosophical and religious concepts of Lamaism in the Tibetan Buddhism from philosophical concepts of the shown phantom figures, and in essence the gallery gives conceptual distinctions of mandalas in the Tibetan Buddhism and symbolical figures in the shown images.


gallery 7 of phantom figures