geometrical prototypes

gallery of polytypic markers


Gallery 5.
Drawings with felt pens and markers.

Drawings in gallery are executed with multi-color felt pens and polytypic markers on a dense paper, but there can be geometrical prototypes for creation of computer graphics on screens of computers and notebooks. Namely geometrical ideas of the shown graphic drawings can be considered as prototypes of virtual arts and creation of graphic images in computer programs.

Drawing 40.   drawing of multi-color felt pens       drawing of polytypic markers

Drawing 41.   images on a dense paper       multi-color markers on a dense paper

Drawing 42.   geometrical prototypes       multi-color felt pens for geometrical graphics

Drawing 43.   geometrical prototypes for computer graphics       prototypes for creation of graphics

Drawing 44.   geometrical ideas of graphic drawings       polytypic markers for virtual arts

Drawing 45.   prototypes of virtual arts       virtual arts for computer programs

Drawing 46.   Buddhist or Hindu mandalas

Drawing 47.   circle entered in a square       Tibetan Buddhist mandalas

Drawing 48.   mandalas symbolize a square       mandalas symbolize absolute space

Drawing 49.   space of a perfect circle       art images of Buddhism

The graphic drawings shown in gallery have a square and a circle, that similarly to Buddhist or Hindu mandalas, but key difference consists that Hindu and Buddhist mandalas represent a square entered in a circle, but the shown art drawings on the contrary have images of a circle entered in a square. Accordingly the Indian and Tibetan Buddhist mandalas symbolize a square universe within the absolute space of a perfect circle, but the shown drawings symbolize a perfect circle and geometrical images of the perfect human bodies within a square universe.
The gallery results texts explaining philosophical and conceptual differences of the shown art images from philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism.


gallery 6 of art images