lines of phantom polygons

central page of phantom networks


Gallery 4.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Drawings are phantom images as exist within the limits of phantom networks in geometrical crossings of lines of polygons.
Geometrical compositions of drawings are real images as are created by means of sets of multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers on a paper.
Drawings in gallery are not products of virtual designing in graphic programs for editing images or photos on screens of computer monitors.

Drawing 30.   drawing of phantom images       phantom drawing in gallery

Drawing 31.   limits of phantom networks       geometrical crossings of polygons

Drawing 32.   geometrical compositions

Drawing 33.   compositions of drawings       real images of polygon lines

Drawing 34.   sets of multi-colored felt-tip pens       products of virtual designing

Drawing 35.   gallery of virtual designing       programs for editing images

Drawing 36.   photos on screens of computer       images or photos on screens

Drawing 37.   perspectives of art space       geometrical space in the fine arts

Drawing 38.   shapes of images in space       phantom polygons of crystals

Drawing 39.   polygons or multivariate crystals       geometrical parameters of space

The shown graphic drawings have spatial perspectives which are designated by geometrical crossings of lines and differ from traditional perspectives of art space in the fine arts.
Lines of space in the shown drawings coincide with lines of geometrical figures and consequently it seems that shapes and compositions of images exist in space of phantom polygons or multivariate crystals.
Pages of gallery result texts which describe geometrical parameters of space of the shown images.


gallery 5 of fine arts