geometrical graphic arts

centr of felt-tip pens drawing on a paper


Gallery 3.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

The shown figures are drawn by means of felt-tip pens and markers, that is actually images are products of real plotting and drawing on a paper, and do not grow out geometrical graphic arts in computers or notebooks.
In crossings of lines in geometrical figures there are phantoms or otherwise to tell phantom images which are not graphic arts of computers and notebooks, but geometrical figures form essence of drawings which are designed by felt-tip pens and markers.
In crossings of lines there are phantoms or otherwise to tell phantom images and figures which form essence of drawings.

Drawing 20.   products of real plotting       real marker plotting and drawing

Drawing 21.   graphic arts in computers       graphic arts in notebooks

Drawing 22.   geometrical figures of phantoms       phantom images and body figures

Drawing 23.   drawings and geometrical prototypes       phantoms in essence of drawings

Drawing 24.   geometrical prototypes of crystal balls

Drawing 25.   crystal balls and gemstone spheres       images of past and future times

Drawing 26.   drawings symbolize a crystal ball       geometrical essence of a crystal sphere

Drawing 27.   phantom network of a life       geometrical form in creation of a life

Drawing 28.   gallery result texts       texts in gallery explain symbols

Drawing 29.   measurements and dimensions of space       circle and dimensions of time

The shown graphic drawings are geometrical prototypes of crystal balls or gemstone spheres in which it is possible to see images of past, present and future times, as circles in the center of drawings symbolize a crystal ball or sphere.
And also the shown drawings symbolize creation of a life, as symbolical figures of human bodies are represented in geometrical crossings of lines which symbolize a phantom network of the world where there is a life.
Pages of gallery result texts which explain symbols of geometrical figures, and in particular compare a square with measurements and dimensions of space, and also compare a circle with measurements and dimensions of time, that is a basis of a life creation.


gallery 4 of symbolical figures