phantom matrix of drawings

centr of phantom gallery


Gallery 2.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Crossings of lines of geometrical figures form phantom networks which are a basis or a matrix of drawings.
Images of gallery are drawn by felt-tip pens and markers, namely created without use of digital techniques and computer programs for drawing and graphic design on screens of personal computers, but images are real figures which exist actually on surfaces of paper sheets.

Drawing 10.   geometrical phantom networks       felt-tip pen drawing of phantom

Drawing 11.   figures of phantom networks       matrix of drawings for networks

Drawing 12.   digital techniques and computer programs       matrix for digital computer programs

Drawing 13.   screens of personal computers       geometrical matrix of personal computers

Drawing 14.   computers and real figures       matrix for images of real figures

Drawing 15.   prototypes for laser devices       geometrical phantom for laser devices

Drawing 16.   projectors of laser beams

Drawing 17.   drawing for beams of lasers       three-dimensional images in a volumetric cube

Drawing 18.   technologies of 3D TV sets and cinemas

Drawing 19.   drawings for 3D laser shows       laser devices for visual dancing discos

The shown images in gallery are drawn by means of felt-tip pens and markers on paper sheets, but are prototypes for laser devices and projectors which can project beams of lasers and show three-dimensional images in a volumetric cube, namely can project three-dimensional laser 3D images which differ from video technologies of 3D TV sets and cinemas.
Images of gallery are accompanied by texts which describe possible laser devices which can be created according to geometrical ideas of the shown graphic drawings for 3D laser shows and visual dancing discos.


gallery of geometrical ideas