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Gallery 14.
Marker methods of drawing.

Pictures in gallery are actual art images, namely are drawn on a real paper by means of various types of color markers and felt pens with application original methods of drawing.
Namely the gallery shows real marker and felt pen pictures in which any multimedia technologies of computer visual design were not applied, or otherwise to tell pictures are drawn without use of software graphic editors of electronic illustrations in digital interfaces of multimedia computers.

130.   marker pictures in gallery       marker methods of drawing

131.   pictures for multimedia technologies       multimedia computer visual design

132.   pictures without software graphic editors       software editors of electronic illustrations

133.   electronic illustrations for digital interfaces        electronic illustrations for multimedia computers

134.   geometrical ideas or phantom networks       design of computer games

135.   multi-user network games for designers       drawings for interactive puzzles

136.   interactive puzzles for personal computers       design of browser games

137.   social networks and virtual communities       play online in the interface of gaming portals

138.   Glass Bead Game in the fantasy novel       design of computer developing toys

139.   children's toys to train intellectual creative potential       online shops of computer gaming

Geometrical ideas or otherwise to tell phantom networks in gallery of the shown pictures it is possible to consider for design of computer games and interactive puzzles in personal computers and notebooks, or in tablet computers and mobile communication devices, or in cell telephones and smartphones. And also for design of browser games in social networks and virtual communities on the Internet where it is possible to play online in the interface of gaming portals and websites, that is equivalent of " Glass Bead Game " in the fantasy novel of Swiss writer Herman Hesse. And also for design of computer developing games and children's toys which allow to train intellectual creative potential of children and parents.
The gallery has texts which explain why computer games and puzzles designed according to the shown geometrical ideas can be interesting to pastime in transport in planes and trains, for gaming portals and online shops of computer games on the Internet, for social networks where contacts of users are caused by participation in the multi-user network games, and also for designers and manufacturers of children's developing games and toys.


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