geometrical compositions

central information about painting tools


Gallery 12.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Drawings in gallery are really represented on a paper with color felt-tip pens and markers, that is any digital or virtual resources and technical facilities of computers and software computer programs for editing images were not applied. Namely art felt-tip pens and paint markers are painting tools which are used for formation of the shown pictures, as felt-tip pens and markers are the most comprehensible and expedient art material for geometrical compositions.

Drawing 110.   digital virtual resources       geometrical drawing art

Drawing 111.   digital virtual facilities       geometrical painting tools

Drawing 112.   art material in geometrical compositions       drawing markers as art material

Drawing 113.   gallery of spatial figures

Drawing 114.   spatial phantom images       art gallery of spatial phantom images

Drawing 115.   drawing of geometrical sizes       art of physical resonances

Drawing 116.   overcoming terrestrial gravitation       image of Earth's gravity

Drawing 117.   border of a physical matter       images of elementals in gallery

Drawing 118.   figures of molecules and crystals       atoms of a metaphysical matter

Drawing 119.   shapes of metaphysical phenomena       geometrical structures of hidden shapes

Geometrical forms and crossings of lines in gallery can be perceived as spatial figures and phantom images of the inspired essences, or geometrical sizes and physical resonances which are necessary for overcoming terrestrial gravitation or Earth's gravity and a border of a physical matter. And also drawings in gallery can be perceived as images of elementals which personify geometrical figures of molecules and forms of crystals in a physical matter, or figures of atoms of a metaphysical matter, that is a basis of physical and metaphysical bodies of people and gods.
The gallery results texts which which speak about geometry in drawings as about geometrical structures which form crystals and figures of molecules, and also form hidden shapes of metaphysical phenomena which are shown as spirits connected with the visible natural phenomena in the world.


gallery 13 of visible world