design of art images

central information about art material


Gallery 10.
Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

Drawings in gallery are executed with felt-tip pens and markers which are a unpredictable art material as it is impossible to predict combinations of paints of a huge variety of existing types of felt-tip pens and markers.
Drawings do not grow out virtual editing and design of art images by means of digital tools in graphic programs of computers, namely do not grow out virtual arts and computer design, but are drawn with real paints of multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers on a paper.

Drawing 90.   unpredictable art material       drawing of unpredictable art

Drawing 91.   art combinations of paints       virtual editing and design of art

Drawing 92.   virtual arts and computer design

Drawing 93.   digital tools for combinations of paints       tools of multi-colored markers

Drawing 94.   geometrical bodies in gallery       combinations of figures in gallery

Drawing 95.   metaphysical images of the Earth       felt-tip pen metaphysical images

Drawing 96.   Canon of Supreme Mystery       Canon of Mystery in ancient China

Drawing 97.   artistic images of gods       variety of gods in magnetic field

Drawing 98.   magnetic directions of a compass arrow       symbols of star systems.

Drawing 99.   geometrical figures of celestial maps       signs of geodetic measurements

Geometrical figures of bodies of the shown drawings in gallery can be correlated to metaphysical images of nine numbers of numerology and mythological images of gods of the Ancient Greece, or ancient Egypt.
Symbols of the Canon of Changes and the Canon of Supreme Mystery in ancient China.
And also drawings in gallery can be considered as artistic images of gods in the magnetic field of Earth and four cardinal directions of a compass arrow.
Images of geometrical reference points on heavenly sphere and movement of the sun on the ecliptic.
Images of twelve zodiac constellations and planets in astrology; or geometrical figures on celestial maps of the star sky and symbols of star systems.
Images of seven days of week and the heptagonal magic star in ancient calendars; or images of hours and numerical signs on time.
Symbols of geodetic measurements of the Earth.
Pages of gallery result texts allowing to speak about ratio of the shown figures of bodies with various esoteric symbols of the sky and metaphysical images of the Earth.


gallery 11 of metaphysical images