fragments of phantom images

central page of drawing fragments


Gallery 0.
Big drawing fragments.

Drawings with felt-tip pens and markers.

This gallery shows fragments of graphic drawings, namely the central areas of drawings are isolated and margin of paper sheets are left abroad field of vision, as if the central visible objects are allocated and the space of peripheral sight is left out margin of vision. It is necessary for increase in the sizes of graphic drawings at screens of computer monitors, but however it is necessary to mean that drawings are executed by felt-tip pens and markers on paper sheets of 210x297 millimeters, and the central areas of images have the sizes 160x160 millimeters.

Drawing 00.   drawing fragments of felt-tip pens

Drawing 01.   central areas of drawings

Drawing 02.   margin of vision field

Drawing 03.   central visible objects

Drawing 04.   space of peripheral sight

Drawing 05.   screens of computer monitors

Drawing 06.   geometrical samples for optical effects

Drawing 07.   visual effects and illusions

Drawing 08.   optical effects for laser shows

Drawing 09.   visual illusions for laser shows


The shown graphic drawings can be considered as geometrical samples for creation of optical visual effects and illusions in show business, namely for laser shows which can decorate concerts of stars of popular or classical music, or circus performances of illusionists.